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Stone/Concrete Pro Series Core Bits
Wet Cutting Only

The PCB Series Stone/Concrete Professional Series Core Bits are perfect for stone and concrete applications. Primarily outfitted on core drill stands, these core bits contain high quality diamonds in a dense segment matrix, which results in quicker drill speeds and excellent footage. Standard in each of these core bits are a male adapter and a 0.1" segment width.

Product Views:
Natural Stone, Cured Concrete, Reinforced Concrete

Diameter Length Rim
0.75" 70mm7mm PCB0034RW
1" 70mm7mm PCB0100RW
1.125" 70mm7mm PCB0118RW
1.25" 70mm7mm PCB0114RW
1.375" 70mm7mm PCB0138RW
1.5" 70mm7mm PCB0150RW
1.625" 70mm7mm PCB0158RW
1.75" 70mm7mm PCB0134RW
2" 70mm7mm PCB0200RW
2.5" 70mm7mm PCB0212RW
Note: Bold items are commonly purchased items.

These blades contain higher quality diamonds at higher concentrations to allow faster and smoother cuts.

Important Note!

When deciding which blade to buy, please keep the following in mind:

  • Available in either open back or solid back configuration.
  • Non-standard sizes and special formulations for asphalt, refractor stone, and prestress are also available.
  • Dry core bits available upon request.

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* Note that the photo represents a particular item in this set. Varying dimensions and grades attribute to different physical characteristics, including, but not limited to, blade diameter, arbor diameter, rim height, and label colors. For this reason, not all items will look like the photo. However, for most items the photo will serve as a fairly accurate representation of the actual product.


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