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SawMaster offers an extensive collection of diamond blades and tools (e.g. crack chasers, profile wheels, grinding wheels, and core bits) to complement our line of saws and the saws of other manufacturers. Our collection of blades are as varied in purpose as they are in quality. We have everything from economy sinter blades to premium laser-welded segmented blades to fit a variety of budgets and applications. We understand that choosing an appropriate blade is a complex and often confusing process, so we at SawMaster welcome any questions regarding our products.

Continuous Rim Diamond Blades

Cheetah Series Specialty Wet Tile Blades
Spider Wet Porcelain Tile Blades
Prolong Series Wet Porcelain Tile Blades
Prolong Series Dry Porcelain Tile Blades
Specialty Wet Granite/Stone Blades
General Purpose Wet Tile Blades
General Purpose Dry Tile Blades

Turbo Rim Diamond Blades

General Purpose/Masonry Turbo Rim Blades
Concrete/Masonry Narrow Turbo Rim Blades
Hard Material Wide Turbo Segmented Blades
Masonry Wide Turbo Rim Blades
Stone/Masonry Turbo Wave Enforced Rim Blades
Natural Stone Narrow Turbo Rim Blades
Natural Stone Diamond Pattern Rim Blades
Granite/Natural Stone Wide Turbo Rim Blades

Laser Weld Segmented Diamond Blades

Asphalt Segmented Blades
Concrete Segmented Blades
Masonry Segmented Blades
Masonry Turbo Segmented Blades
Multiple Purpose Segmented Blades
Stone Segmented Blades
Wide U-Shaped Brick & Block Segmented Blades

Pro Series Laser Weld Segmented Diamond Blades

Masonry Dry Cutting Blades
Masonry Wet Cutting Blades
High Speed Dry Cutting Blades
Cured Concrete Wet Cutting Blades For Walk Behind Saw
Asphalt Wet Cutting Blades For Walk Behind Saw
Dry Cutting Blades For Walk Behind Saw

Segmented Diamond Blades

Silver Solder Segmented Blades
Sinter Segmented Blades

Diamond Tools

Profile Wheels
Crack Chaser
Grinding Cup Wheels
Tuck Point Blades

Core Bit Diamond Tools

Tile Contractor Series Core Bits
Tile/Stone Pro Series Core Bits
Stone/Concrete Pro Series Core Bits
Concrete Pro Series Core Bits

Polishing Pads

Polishing Pads

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