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Tile Saw

SDT-1000XL The SDT-1000XL is known among tile installers for its ability to deliver exceptional performance on tiles of all sizes. In fact, the SDT-1000XL was the first of its line to truly support oversized tiles—a significant feature by today's standards due to the common use of large tiles in modern construction. The latest generation of the SDT-1000XL continues to offer the same large cutting capacity and 1-1/2 HP motor of its predecessor. In addition, it addresses the issue of portability by including frame-mounted wheels to ease the task of transporting the saw around the job site.

Product Views
Enlarged Angle View

Product Specifications
Saw Type     Tile
Motor     115 V/60 Hz
Horsepower     1-1/2 HP
Blade Capacity     6"~10"
Blade Arbor     5/8"
RPM     3200
Weight     125 lbs
Cutting Depth     3-1/2"
Rip Cutting     24"
Diagonal Cutting     16"
Thermal Protection     Equipped
SUS Water Tray     Equipped
LCBH     Equipped
Features Click on Feature Photo Available to see a close-up of the Feature

Feature Stainless Steel Water Tray
Stainless steel provides the highest degree of durability among water trays, making it suitable for heavy-duty jobs.

Feature Rubber Matted Cutting TableFeature Photo Available
The new cast aluminum cutting tables are covered by a rubber mat that is injected directly onto the table and chemically bond for ehanced durability.

Feature Table Retention DeviceFeature Photo Available
The cutting table is equipped with a spring lock to secure the cutting table when transporting the saw in between job sites.

Feature Transportation WheelsFeature Photo Available
Transportation wheels mounted at the rear of the frame allow the saw to be moved in a "dolly" fashion for greater convenience.

Feature Blade Guard with BrushesFeature Photo Available
The blade guard contains brushes that not only minimize spray, but they also uniformly distribute the water over the blade for more effective cooling.

Feature Thermal Overload ProtectionFeature Photo Available
Automatic thermal overload protection prevents the motor from overheating and protects the saw from power surges.

Feature LCBHFeature Photo Available
The patented LCBH (Liquid Cooled Bearing Housing) works in conjunction with the water pump to cool down the bearing housing during saw operation. This feature increases the service life of the bearing housing even under heavy loads.

Feature Adjustable Cutting HeightFeature Photo Available
Cutting depth can be easily adjusted to accommodate 6" to 10" blades and to provide plunge cutting functionality.

Feature Drip GuardFeature Photo Available
Because oversized tiles often exceed the width of the cutting table, a substantial amount of water is lost by spilling over the edges. The drip guard alleviates this problem by catching the water and returning it to the tray. During transportation, the Drip Guard can be lowered to secure the water tray in place.

Feature Splash GuardFeature Photo Available
The splash guard reduces water spray to prevent the loss of water cooling during operation and to keep the work site clean.

Revision 4

Recommend Using...

10" Cheetah Series Specialty Wet Tile Blades


Owner's Manual

Manual for this model is not currently available online. Please contact customer service for a hard copy.

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1 The indicated blade is recommended by SawMaster for general use based on the saw's intended applications and its specified blade capacity. The blade may not be appropriate for all applications. As such, SawMaster recommends that you purchase blades that suit your particular needs. Feel free to contact customer service if you need any help with regards to selecting an appropriate blade.

2 Some saws are prepackaged with factory-default slide-in legs. In which case the saw stand shown here is not necessary, but is, nevertheless, recommended for added convenience.

3 Dimension measurements are made of the physical unit and not the package in which the unit is contained within. Measurements will be taken from one extreme to the opposing extreme, not including detachable appendages (e.g. stands, legs, splash guards, and cable retainers). Measurements are approximations that are rounded up to the closest 0.5" for convenience. For saws that feature miter cutting capability, measurements will be taken while the cutting head is set to an upright position.


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