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Masonry Saw

SDT-375 The largest of SawMaster's masonry saws, the SDT-375 is designed to tackle large building stones as much as 14-1/2" thick and 39" in length. The saw's powerful 10 HP motor and large 35" blade make completing such colossal jobs possible. Due to its monstrous size, the unit is equipped with large wheels to make transportation as easy as possible.

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Product Specifications
Saw Type     Masonry
Motor     230(460)V/60Hz
Horsepower     10 HP
Blade Capacity     35"
Blade Arbor     60mm
RPM     1070
Weight     680 lbs
Cutting Depth     14-1/2"
Rip Cutting     39"
Thermal Protection     Equipped
SUS Water Tray     Equipped
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Feature Powerful 10 HP Motor
The powerful 10 HP, water-resistant motor utilizes dual T-belts to transfer its abundant torque to the diamond blade to easily cut through even the toughest granite.

Feature Transportation Wheels
The saw is equipped with four large wheels to ease the task of transporting the saw over rough job site surfaces. When stationed for operation, brakes on the two forward wheels can be engaged to park the saw.

Feature Stainless Steel Water Tray
Stainless steel provides the highest degree of durability among water trays, making it suitable for heavy-duty jobs. The tray can be removed for maintenance by lifting a metal retention tab.

Feature Adjustable Cutting Height
Cutting height adjustments can be made easily and effortlessly with the spring counterbalance and lever screw. A scale is provided to promote accuracy when setting a cutting depth.

Feature Handwheel Feeding Mechanism
The saw is equipped with a laterally assembled handwheel which controls the feeding mechanism of the cutting table.

Feature Blade Guard
The blade guard is locked into place by three hand-operated knobs to ensure convenient blade replacements without the need for tools.

Feature Magnetic Power Switch
Control of the powerful 10 HP motor is located on a single, accessible panel. The black switch controls the dual-stage activation of the motor, while the red magnetic switch activates/deactivates the motor. In case of emergencies, a panic stop button is also provided.

Feature Thermal Overload Protection
Automatic thermal overload protection prevents the motor from overheating and protects the saw from power surges.

Feature Multiple Splash Guards
Three splash guards trap water spray towards the rear half of the saw to minimize water loss and to help keep the work site clean.

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Recommend Using...

36" Asphalt Segmented Blades

Owner's Manual

Manual for this model is not currently available online. Please contact customer service for a hard copy.

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1 The indicated blade is recommended by SawMaster for general use based on the saw's intended applications and its specified blade capacity. The blade may not be appropriate for all applications. As such, SawMaster recommends that you purchase blades that suit your particular needs. Feel free to contact customer service if you need any help with regards to selecting an appropriate blade.

2 Some saws are prepackaged with factory-default slide-in legs. In which case the saw stand shown here is not necessary, but is, nevertheless, recommended for added convenience.

3 Dimension measurements are made of the physical unit and not the package in which the unit is contained within. Measurements will be taken from one extreme to the opposing extreme, not including detachable appendages (e.g. stands, legs, splash guards, and cable retainers). Measurements are approximations that are rounded up to the closest 0.5" for convenience. For saws that feature miter cutting capability, measurements will be taken while the cutting head is set to an upright position.


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